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Trail runners on twitter

Posted by in Training on 05. May, 2010 | 2 Comments

Using the twitter search, it’s possible, but a bit difficult, to find trail running folks on twitter. Leave a comment here if you’re into trail running or ultras and you regularly tweet about your training, races, reports, gear, or related topics.

Westside, until the mile markers ran out

Posted by in Training on 08. Jul, 2008 | 1 Comment

Today I decided to make a southerly turn after crossing the bRRidge and check out the portion of the Riverparks trail down towards 71st Street. My original plan was to go until I saw the 5.5 mile marker … but they seemed to run out after the 4.5 mile post! I suspect with the recent [...]

Early evening on north Riverparks trails

Posted by in Training on 07. Jul, 2008 | No Comments

I got a late start on today’s run but it turned out to be a great decision. The temperature was actually tolerable and though I was sweating like mad, I never felt hot during the run. Today’s route took me a bit more north along the recently redone Riverparks trail. I joined up with it [...]

Nectar cacao CLIF bar

Posted by in Gear on 06. Jul, 2008 | 1 Comment

Nectar cacao CLIF bar

Just say no! I bought an assortment of high-end fruit/nut/energy bars at Whole Foods recently with the intent to make some of them regulars in my nutritional plan for long runs. One such choice was the nectar cacao bar, dark chocolate walnut flavor from CLIF. I just took a bite of it and yuk! I [...]

Quick afternoon bridge loop

Posted by in Training on 05. Jul, 2008 | No Comments

Though I only got about 3 miles in this afternoon, I really enjoyed my run. I decided to check out the west side of the Riverparks trail between 21st and 31st Streets since I normally run a bit more south. I used the 21st Street Bridge to cross on the north side and the bRRidge [...]

TATUR night run

Posted by in Training on 29. Jun, 2008 | No Comments

TATUR night run

Yesterday at 10:30pm I took part in my first official TATUR event, an informal night run organized by several of the “regulars”. The plan was to meet at the QuickTrip at 94th and Riverside and head east on the Creek Turnpike Trail about 7 miles before turning back. Though the temperature was kind of cool [...]


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Cool weather, I’ll take it

Posted by in Training on 16. Jun, 2008 | No Comments

A lot of things tried to keep me from running today. The commute home from work took longer since I left earlier than usual and had slight traffic, it started raining really hard less than a mile from my house, and I didn’t feel like getting on the trail once I got inside. After I [...]